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1. Audience Guidelines

● Audience members are asked to dress appropriately when entering performance halls. One person per ticket. Admission by tickets.

● Please follow standard theater etiquette. Anyone creating a disturbance may be asked to leave, along with their parents or guardians.

● Audience members with discounted tickets must provide photo ID upon entry. Those without a photo ID must pay full price for the ticket plus a NT$20 processing fee.

● Tickets which are lost, damaged or burned to the extent that they are unrecognizable may not be used to gain entry to a venue. The Center is not obligated to reissue the ticket. Please ensure that tickets are kept in a secure place.

● Other related services are provided in accordance with the rules of the NTCH Ticketing System.


2. Late Seating Policy

Audience members who are late or must leave at any time once the performance commences need to accord to the instructions of the performance. Some performances with no intermission cannot guarantee re-entrance after leaving the auditorium. To avoid disrupting the performance and other audience members, seat locations printed on your tickets are not guaranteed after the performance commences. You may change your seats upon intermission.


3. Program Suitability

Programs with general admission may still contain content deemed unsuitable for children. Children under age of 7 are recommended for family performances. Anyone causing distraction to others may be asked to leave the auditorium.


4. Electronic Devices

No camera, video or audio recording is allowed during the performance. All electronic devices or any devices that would make noise should be turned off. Also, using your phone with a lit screen might affect the performers or disrupt audience members from enjoying the program. Please switch off your phone or turn the sound off, and do not use your phone during the performance.


5.Food and Beverages

No food or beverages are permitted inside the auditoriums. Refreshments are available in the lobby. All food and beverages must be consumed in the lobby before entering or returning to the auditorium. Please refer to the designated smoking areas when needed. Should you need assistance, please reach out to our staff. 


6. Presenting Bouquets

For safety purpose, if you would like to present a bouquet, please give it to an usher who will deliver flowers to the intended party. For flower baskets, please contact us prior a day to the performance via our service line. We will assist accordingly.


7. Customer Services

Please contact the service center located on the third floor for more information.

● Program / Venue Information

● Membership Application and Membership Information

● You can purchase, Collect, Refund and Exchange tickets within the NTCH Ticketing System. Cash and credit card transactions both accepted.

● ERA Ticketing System: Only cash transactions accepted.

● On-site Registration and Online Check-in for Guided Tours

● Taxi Booking Service

(The taxi stop can also call taxis through the intercom. Service time: Daily 11:00-21:00)

● Lost & Found

● Wheelchair Rental

● Medical Information

● Coin-operated lockers

● Souvenir Stamps


8. Lost & Found

For lost items, please call the customer service hotline during business hours.


9. Contact us

Service line: Daily 9:00 -18:00, +886-7-262-6666

Email: service@npac-weiwuying.org


10. Transportation

See   Transportation   for more details.

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