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Privacy Policy

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) (hereinafter referred to as the center) respects the privacy of users and this Privacy Policy is drafted to protect your online confidentiality and other online payment records. The center does not sell or use your personal data and other information you entered. To protect your privacy, the division reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, and any updates or amendments to this Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon posting on the official website of the center.

1. Collection of User Data

The following Privacy Policy applies to the purchase of merchandises sold by the center; services provided by the center, collection, utilization, and protection of personal information from transactions and logistics information provided through the various platform channels integrated with the center’s website (www.npac-weiwuying.org), wherein, this includes any identity identification data that we have legally obtained in other marketing or cross-industry alliance activities, but not applicable to other external websites linked to the center’s website. Activities conducted on these websites shall be subject to the privacy policy of each website relating to the collection, use, and protection of personal information.

2. Collection of Personal Information

  1. The center will request the necessary personal information based on the services to provide. We may collect your personal information through the following:

    • Registration: When you register as a paid member of the center or become a user served by the center, you are required to provide your basic information: including name, sex, national ID no., date of birth, contact number, address, and other information you may wish to provide.
    • Logistics: When you specify for delivery service of merchandises, you are required to provide your delivery information: including name of recipient, contact number, address, and other contact information required for delivery.
    • Transaction: Your transaction history will be saved for every completed purchase.
    • Marketing and questionnaire: You may be required to provide other information as necessary for other services including market analysis, marketing events, member and user rights notification etc.
    • Website browsing: To evaluate the traffic of each webpage and the backlink users used to access the webpage of the center, the server-side records and your browsing session, including the IP address of your connecting device, usage time, browser used, and browsing history etc., will be saved. When you log into our website using FACEBOOK or other websites or services (hereinafter referred to as “third-party websites”), you consent to the collection and use of your identity information and other information on your third-party website account in the manner described above. When you visit the center’s website, we will use standard Internet cookies to collect information about how you use our webpages to provide you with a good experience and to evaluate the most popular layouts on our webpages, or to remind you to visit us again next time. We do not request or intend to infringe on your privacy while browsing our webpages. Most browsers will allow you to perform a cleanup from the hard drive on your computer, block cookies, or receive a warning notification before cookies are stored. You can choose to set your browser to notify you before receiving cookies and to opt out or accept the cookies. Cookies can also be used by third-parties, for example, advertising service companies setting up advertisements on our webpages. These advertising service companies can use cookies to collect information that cannot identify you personally. Advertisers can use this information as marketing indicators and assess their impact. Important notice: We have not misused or maliciously used these cookies.
  2. In accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the center can collect, categorize, use, and store your personal information including, C001 personal identification: name, address, phone number, e-mail, occupation; C002 financial identification: credit card number, financial institute account number; C003 governmental identification: national ID number; C011 personal description: date of birth.

3. Purpose of User Data Collection

  1. Your personal information will be used when necessary for services including merchandise promotion, transaction authorization, logistics, marketing, market analysis, sweepstakes and gifts, and member rights notification etc.

    • Logistics: Shipment information is provided for partnering and logistics companies to fulfill the purchase order and delivery services.
    • Transaction authorization: Your account information is provided for financial institutes to complete the transaction (including credit card authorization, account number) and related services.
    • Marketing: Your information may be shared, with your consent, for third-parties to provide you with more quality products and activities. You may notify us at any time to stop receiving this information.
    • Market analysis: Based on your browsed advertisement content and transaction history, the center will conduct market analysis, including through third-party cookies or similar technology, to develop and provide better user service in the future.
    • Disclosure and use of anonymous integrated data: The center may collect, integrate, or retain information on anonymous online browsing sessions, for example, user preferences, interests, shopping habits, or the likes. This information will be used to design web content or marketing activities that match the user’s preference and serves as a reference for us to provide a better online environment for online users. The center may provide such integrated information to advertising agencies, business partners, sponsors, etc.; for example, to inform them of the ratio of male or female online users or the percentage of viewers in a certain age group.
    • Other business affiliations: Your information may be used within the necessary scope, with your consent, based on the above-mentioned purposes.
  2. Purpose: The center collects personal data of consumers for marketing, contract or other legal relationship affairs, information (communication) technology services, user management and services, survey statistics and research analysis, and other e-commerce services for the center and other departments under the National Performing Arts Center.

4. User Data Usage and Area

In addition to the stipulations of the law and regulation, we will only use your information in accordance with the scope of the above-mentioned services during the operation of the center and the areas where the services can be reached.

5. User Data Disclose Details

  1. We will only use or disclose the user personal information in accordance with the scope of the service by the staff of the center, authorized employees of other departments under the National Performing Arts Center (e.g. NPAC/NTCH, National Taichung Theatre, NSO National Symphony Orchestra), and the third-party appointed to handle business related matters (e.g. financial institution, partner, logistics service provider). We will not disclose your personal information to third parties other than those mentioned above unless otherwise required by law or otherwise upon your consent.
  2. Your information may also be provided to the third-party with your consent:
    • When it is necessary to use the work for the specific purpose as above.
    • Outside the specific purpose in accordance with Article 20 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
    • Statutory procedures based on legal requirements or subject to judicial procedures and other competent authorities.
    • To protect the rights of other members or third-parties in an emergency.
    • To maintain proper function of the e-commerce service system on the center’s website.
    • The necessary information for transaction/logistics generated by e-commerce service through the group’s website, including orders, redeeming gifts, and sweepstakes participation.

6. User Data Storage and Retention

Regarding the personal data you provided, we will establish strict rules on the information system and company operating standards and anyone handling and using the necessary information must be governed by our authorized specifications. Our protection measures for data security equipment are as follows:

  1. Latest technology to protect the safety of your personal information, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for encrypted data transmission, and firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.
  2. In addition, cookies are used to provide a service that better suits your needs by logging the server configuration in your browser, including IP address and cookies, for use with product updates and Internet service optimization.

7. Exercise of Rights to User Data

  1. In accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the right to inquire or request access, request for copy, request for supplement or correction, request to stop collection or usage, and request to delete your personal information unless otherwise restricted by law.
  2. If you wish to exercise the above rights or have other inquiries, you can contact the customer service of the center and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.
  3. In response to your request, the center may ask you to provide certain personal information or supporting documents to prove your identity or a legal representative.
  4. After you have made your request, the center will need to reply within 15 days whenever possible and collect fees to cover the necessary costs by law.

8. Special Statement for Children or Person Lacking Full Capacity

The center does not intentionally collect online information from children or minors. The center encourages the child or minor’s parent or legal guardian (including other legal representatives) to browse the center’s website and participate in its online activities. Each child or minor can use our webpages for online transactions only with the consent of their parent or legal guardian for payment, or as permitted by other laws. If you are a child or a minor, you must obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian in order to complete certain specific online transactions.

9. Accuracy of Data and Your Rights

We would like to remind you that if you do not provide the complete personal information, you may not be able to enjoy the full services or receive the latest information; if the information you provided is incorrect, it is not protected by this statement.

10. This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time in response to the social environment, laws, and advancement in technology. You will be notified of these changes by e-mail, phone, printouts, communication network, and Internet announcements.

11. Personal Data Protection for Electronic Invoice

  1. You are free to choose to receive printed or electronic invoices when you place orders on the center’s platform. If you opt for an electronic invoice, please know the following statement:
    • Personal information collection: NPAC Weiwuying Operation and Promotion Group
    • Authorized e-receipt number and date: The center has started using electronic invoice since January 14, 2016. Approval No. 1050240409
    • Purpose to collection of personal information by the center: 063 Collection and usage of personal information by non-governmental agencies; 069 Contracts, agreement, or other legal affairs; 090 Consumers, User Management, and Services; 095 Fiscal tax administration, investigation, statistics and research analysis; 136 Information (communication) technology and database management; 148 Network and other e-commerce services; 179 Other financial services and working with the Ministry of Finance electronic invoice integration services.
    • Personal information category: name, e-mail, address, electronic invoice number, time of transaction, transaction details, and store details etc. on the invoice.
    • Period and region to use the personal information: The operating area of ​​the center and the period are kept in accordance with the law.
    • Personal information usage target and details: In accordance with the specific purpose of the Ministry of Finance’s electronic invoice integration service, the electronic invoice is uploaded to the Ministry of Finance’s electronic invoice integration service platform (http://www.einvoice.nat. Gov.tw/) for “095 Finance and Taxation Administration,” “157 Investigation, Statistics, and Research Analysis,” “136 Information (Communication) Technology and Database Management,” “148 Online Shopping and other e-Commerce Services,” “179 Other Financial Services,” and the provision of electronic invoicing value-added services for processing purposes.
    • Information on e-invoices: Information about inquiries, redeem winning numbers, and e-invoices for members and online users can be found on the official website of the center: www.npac-weiwuying.org
    • Your rights are not affected when you are free to provide information, it does not provide any impact on its rights and interests. If the member or user information is incorrectly filled out, it may affect the service provision or the delivery of goods. Electronic invoice can no longer be tied to a device and only the printed electronic invoice is available. This will not affect the user’s existing rights. Please contact the center’s customer service for misplaced or damaged invoices.
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