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National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts


Opera House

The Opera House is a large-scale stage mainly used for operas, major drama productions, dances, and interdisciplinary performances. It is the largest such facility in Taiwan. The mechanical equipment of the stage is fully automated, whereas the seats are arranged in a horseshoe shape. The Opera House is the first opera house in Taiwan to have a mainframe computer aiding the operation. The Opera House received the name not because of opera performances, rather, the word “opera” is used to represent all performing arts, including drama, dance, and musical performances. The seats are arranged in a horseshoe shape, where the ground floor seating area is divided into four zones by short partition walls, and the balconies on the second and third levels feature continuous horizontal lines to provide continuity and a sense of rhythm.

The orchestra pit elevator in front of the stage has a surface area of 80 square-meters, which fits a full orchestra required to perform grand operas such as Richard Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier.” The mechanical equipment of the stage is fully automated, and its operation is aided by a mainframe computer. The Opera House is designed by a Dutch theater consulting firm, and detailed construction, manufacturing and installation are carried out by the Austrian firm Waagner-Biro.

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