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Ticketing Instructions

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  一、How to Purchase a Ticket

1.Online (credit card only)

●Please log in to the NTCH Ticketing System and find your program.

●If you are a member of Weiwuying, please confirm your member discount for your ticket type after logging into the NTCH Ticketing System.

●Before proceeding to checkout, please confirm your personal information, name of program, date, time, ticket price, number of tickets, and seat number.

●Choose where to pick up your ticket (ticket office or convenience store) after completing the transaction:

●Ticket office:

After completing the online transaction, please go to the ticket office of the NTCH Ticketing System or the Weiwuying 3F Service Center (temporarily closed) along with your personal identification and the credit card you used to make the ticket purchase to pick up your ticket.

●Convenience store:

Enter your credit card number that you used to purchase the ticket into the 7- ELEVEN Ibon, Family Mart FamiPort, or Hi-Life Life-ET POS systems to receive your proof of purchase, and then print out your ticket at the cashier within 10 minutes to pick up your ticket. A NT$8 transaction fee will be charged by the convenience store for each purchased ticket.


2. E-ticket

To purchase e-ticket(s), users must download app “OpenArts ” and select “obtain e-ticket(s) via mobile phones.” No processing fee will be charged.
After purchasing e-ticket(s), users must go to the App Store or Google Play store and download app “OpenArts ” and present said e-ticket(s) to enter the event. Only e-ticket(s) in said app is/are accepted. Printed versions of said e-ticket(s) are not accepted. E-ticket-related information


※To become a member of Weiwuying, please go to New Member

2.Convenience Store (cash only)

Tickets can be purchased from the 7- ELEVEN Ibon, Family Mart FamiPort, or Hi-Life Life-ET POS systems. A NT$8 transaction fee will be charged by the convenience store for each purchased ticket.

※For more information on purchasing a ticket from a convenience store, please refer to Convenience Store

3.Ticket Office (cash and credit card accepted)

Please refer to the NTCH Ticket Office

二、Important Information

  1. One ticket per entry to the assigned seat number.
  2. Please present valid documentation for senior tickets or disabled tickets. Discount tickets without membership card or valid documentation will be charged for the full price with an additional service fee of NT$20.

  3. One ticket discount per ticket.
  4. Refunds and return tickets shall be completed 10 days before the date (excluding) of the program. Each ticket shall be charged a 10% service fee based on the face value of the ticket. Refunds and return tickets are not accepted within 10 days of the date of the program. Tickets purchased online or from a convenience store can be refunded or returned at the NTCH service locations in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

    ※Please refer to the organizer for tickets purchased from them.

    ※In the event of the cancellation of a program due to inclement weather or other uncontrollable circumstances, please refer to the public announcement for ticket refunds. The service fee is nonrefundable for tickets already refunded before the program is cancelled.

    ※Please refer to NTCH Ticketing System → FAQ for the refunds and returns policy.

  5. Due to the size of the venue and number of ticket holders, please pick up your ticket one hour before the program is scheduled to start. The ticket holder shall be personally responsible for delays in picking up the ticket due to long lines in the ticket office or other circumstances. If the ticket holder is unable to pick up a ticket before the program starts, the ticket cannot be refunded or refused to pay in full on the basis of this delay.
  6. Lost, damaged, or illegible tickets will not be accepted for entry. Please keep your ticket in a secure location.
  7. NTCH Kaohsiung service location:
    Tel: (07)226-5998, Address: Room E, 15F, No. 30, Zhongzheng 2nd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City
  8. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program and the right of final interpretation.



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