100% Kaoshiung Towel

100% Kaohsiung Limited Product



Nice Water Absorption
Lightweight & Fast-Drying
100% Kaoshiung Limited Sports Towel


In 100% Kaohsiung, regarding citizens as experts of everyday life, the world-renowned Rimini Protokoll will comb through local census data to cast 100 city residents to join their stage production. Through quick-witted repartee and improvisation, Kaohsiung's history, culture, spirit, and values will be revealed to the audience in this collective performance.


100% Kaoshiung towel is not only light and fast-drying, but also nicely absorbent

100% made in Taiwan with EPSON original ink from Japan, safe and secure


Exclusive design to form a Kaohsiung map with 2 towels.

100 kinds of lifestyle in Kaohsiung for 100 people.

Let's explore your 100 unique spots in Kaohsiung.



Exclusive bonus

100% Kaohsiung Program Manual, included 100 Kaohsiung daily experts' introduction.


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