BENSHI No.5 Feb. 2019

Weiwuying Quarterly Journal

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Have you ever turned on the radar for life observation? "If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." It is a familiar phrase, but the tools are not only in the professional field but also in all kinds of size, function, useful and useless. They are still in our lives or memories whatever it is tangible and intangible. Do you find your own set of tools? Or when you remember which part of your memory, and find it is such a symbolic existence? Let's dig and unpack the tools together!


本事 2月號/2019 第5期 內頁6-7頁

本事 2月號/2019 第5期 內頁10-11頁

本事 2月號/2019 第5期 內頁18-19頁

本事 2月號/2019 第5期 內頁40-41頁

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