BENSHI No.4 Oct. 2018

Weiwuying Quarterly Journal

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Speaking of living on earth, there are more aliens running around wearing human skin then you can ever imagine. They live amongst earth people, with a brain from the parallel universe in their heads. The aliens in disguise endure marginalization and loneliness, trying to make a life for themselves. Lost in the sea of people on a planet that they don’t really belong, the aliens’ only chance of uncovering the secret of the universe and enjoy a 15- minute fame is to create arts. This gives them a window to send out a secrete message to their alien peers.

Now let imagination soar, interpret alien languages and feel the pulse of time and space in the world of science fiction.

本事 10月號/2018 第4期 內頁第2-3頁

本事 10月號/2018 第4期 內頁第22-23頁

本事 10月號/2018 第4期 內頁科幻中的創作魔力

本事 10月號/2018 第4期 內頁第52-53頁

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