BENSHI No.3 Jul. 2018

Weiwuying Quarterly Journal

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Instead of looking into all sorts of superstitions, it might be more helpful to explore why people are superstitious. If religion is the only thing that pops into your mind when you think about superstition, you couldn’t be more off the track.

Superstition is actually a part of human evolution. It was an inevitable solution for everything that cannot be explained. The urge to try to understand the world is simple human nature.

In modern society, we subconsciously embrace a lot of superstitions. They are stealthily creeping into all aspects of our lives and lying await in every stage we enter.

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本事 7月號/2018 第3期 內頁第3頁

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本事 7月號/2018 第3期 內頁第52-53頁

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