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Lights up! Weiwuying Unveiling 2022, January to July

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Weiwuying New Year & Lantern Festival Series  
Weiwuying Organ Festival  
Weiwuying International Music Festival  
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  Early bird ticket sales  

Weiwuying Presented(January to July programs in 2022)

  • 12/20(一)12:00 - 12/27(一)12:00 25% off for Weiwuying member
  • 12/27(一)12:00 - 1/10(一)12:00 25% off for sales

※Exclude:V. BELLINI - Norma, Bossa Nova in the Vineyard, Weiwuying Showtime, 9m88 - This Temporary Ensemble, 24 Hours SCHUBERT, Co-presented programs


  Group Purchase Discounts  

  • Group purchase of more than 20 tickets to a single show enjoys a 15% discount off the purchase. 
  • Group purchase of more than 40 tickets to a single show enjoys a 20% discount off the purchase. 
  • Group purchase of more than 60 tickets to a single show enjoys a 25% discount off the purchase.


※Applicable for Weiwuying Presented Programs only, Discounts are not applicable for tickets tier at NT$300 and lower.

※The above discounts are subject to change according to the announcements on the OPENTIX Life website.


2022 Weiwuying Showtime

Ticket Sales:

  • Members will enjoy the privilege of an early purchase from 12/8(Wed)12:00 to 12/15(Wed)12:00 !
  • Available starting 12/15(Wed)12:00 !

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2022 Weiwuying New Year & Lantern Festival Series

2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival: Weiwuying Invites You to Light Up the New Year with New Hopes!

The 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Kaohsiung with two main lanterns at the event's dual venues in the Asia New Bay Area and Weiwuying Metropolitan Park, showcasing a dazzling display of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Weiwuying is delighted to present the "Lunar New Year Lantern Festival" series of performances, which will take place at the indoor and outdoor venues across Weiwuying, including the Outdoor Theater, North Square, and the four performance halls. The festival will be held over two months as we light up every corner of the bustling city and usher in the new year with a jubilant welcome.

  • 2/1(Tue)-2/28(Mon)

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Masters Play - Beyond the Music Boundary @WEIWUYING
2/25(Fri)19:309m88 - This Temporary Ensemble
Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Golden Bough Theatre - Matinee in the Rain
HUANG YI STUDIO + Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café

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2022 Weiwuying Organ Festival

Weiwuying Organ Festival will make its grand debut in Spring 2022 from April 1 through 3 at the Weiwuying Concert Hall, where the largest pipe organ in Asia is located. German organist Christian SCHMITT serves as the festival's artistic director and has meticulously planned three concerts of different forms and styles.

  • 4/1(Fri)-4/3(Sun)

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4/1(Fri)19:30A Fantasy of Dance : Opening Concert
4/2(Sat)19:30SCHMITT and His Friends - One Night in Baroque Classics
4/3(Sun)14:30A Matinee with Masters : Concerto Classics

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2022 Weiwuying International Music Festival

The first edition of the festival in 2022 features musicians and ensembles. We have commissioned new orchestral works from three rising composers of the younger generation: Bernd Richard Deutsch from Austria, Chia-Ying Lin from Taiwan, Ying Wang from China and Paulo Brito from Brazil. We will also give selected young Asian composers masterclass and performance opportunities. Last but not least, we present an innovative Beyond the Score® multimedia concert production and Zbig Rybczynski's experimental movie 'The Orchestra'. I am hugely looking forward to all the exciting projects ahead and to embark on a new artistic adventure together!——Unsuk Chin|Artistic Director of WWY International Music Festival

  • 4/8(Fri)-4/17(Sun)

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4/8(Fri)19:30Opening Concert - Music Across Two Centuries
4/9(Sat)14:30Musical Toys - Mei Yi FOO
4/9(Sat)19:30William Wei and Sunwook Kim
4/10(Sun)14:30New music from five countries─Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
4/13(Wed)19:30Weiwuying Contemporary Music Ensemble "Book of Hours"
4/14(Thu)19:30Weiwuying Contemporary Music Ensemble "Time and Space Voyage" 
4/15(Fri)19:30Beyond the Score® - Pictures at an Exhibition—Pictures of What?
4/16(Sat)14:30Raschèr Saxophone Quartet—The Many Voices of the Saxophone
4/16(Sat)19:30QUATUOR DIOTIMA I - From Vienna
4/17(Sun)11:00QUATUOR DIOTIMA II - From the New World
4/17(Sun)14:30Closing Concert - Scheherazade: The Mythic Symphonic Poem

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Weiwuying Presented (March to July programs in 2022)

Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company - At Aranya Temple
FourFun Theatre - Broken Doll the Musical
Zheng ZhiLong, The Pirate King of Formosa
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan - Send In A Cloud
Journey into Lost Time of TWATUTIA
Hitomiza Otome Bunraku
Taipei Opera Theater 50 Anniversary Concert
Eun-Me Ahn - DRAGONS
Le Fils du Grand Réseau Theatre Company - Fishbowl

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Weiwuying Co-Presented programs

KU & Dancers - Doppler Effect
2022 TSO Classic- Eliahu INBAL & Maxim VENGEROV

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More Offers

※ Applicable for programs organized by Weiwuying only. (Excluding co-sponsored or co-organized programs)


  Weiwuying Member Discounts  

  • 10 % discount for Weiwuying Lifestyle members.
  • 25% discount for Weiwuying Youth members (Proof of identity required for entry). ※Each program is limited to a single purchase. For additional purchases, a 10% discount will be given for each ticket.
  • 10% discount for additional purchases of Weiwuying Unlimited members.
  • 50 % discount for Weiwuying Hero members and their friends and relatives (limited to one member). (Proof of identity required for entry; relatives and friends required to enter simultaneously with the cardholder.) Discounts are not applicable for tickets tier at NT$300 and lower.
  • For details, please visit   Weiwuying Members Benefits  


  Credit Card Purchase Discounts  

  • Purchase by credit cards issued by ChinaTrust Commercial Bank (CTBC), Taishin International Bank, Fubon Bank, and Mega International Commercial Bank (Mega ICBC) enjoy a 5% discount off ticket purchase. Discounts are not applicable for tickets tier at NT$300 and lower.


  Other Discounts  

  • 10% discount for members of the National Theater & Concert Hall (NTCH).
  • 10 % discount for members of the National Taichung Theater (NTT).
  • 10% discount for members of the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO).
  • 5% discount for members of Eslite. Discounts are not applicable for tickets tier at NT$300 and lower.
  • 5% discount for members of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA). Discounts are not applicable for tickets tier at NT$300 and lower.
  • 50% discount for disabled guests and one accompanying person with a valid Disability Certificate.
  • Senior Ticket: 50% discount for persons above 65 years old. (Please show your ID while purchasing tickets and entering.)



※To purchase tickets, please visit the OPENTIX Life official website.

※Only one discount per ticket.

※The above discounts are subject to change according to the announcements on the OPENTIX Life website.

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More Events

Bolero in Kaohsiung

In 2022, "Bolero in Kaohsiung" will promote the arts to a transformed Kaohsiung through dance, arranging an encounter between citizens and dance in daily settings and creating a unique viewing experience.

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2022 Writing About Dance Workshop: Putting Pen to Paper

The course will be held every three months, with each quarter being a two-day course focusing on "Dance and Theatre", "Types and Techniques of Writing", and "Creative Directness and Perspectives".

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    Weiwuying is introducing "Art-Fun-Play," which provides various theatre-based exercises, games, art appreciation, and directed reading and thinking activities for your kids while you enjoy performances. By curating sessions that match performances, "Art-Fun-Play" encourages you to share and exchange ideas with your children when the performances end, an excellent opportunity for learning and bonding!

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    Before all performances, Weiwuying has conducted risk assessments and drawn up contingency plans in accordance with CECC's six guidelines for mass gathering events. Audience members will have their temperatures taken at the entrance, wear surgical masks at all times, and register personal contact information. The venue will be disinfected and sanitized hourly. Staff members will have their temperatures taken before going on duty and wear masks while on duty. All adjustments to COVID-19 preventive measures shall follow CECC's instructions. In the meantime, we urge citizens to wash their hands frequently. Please consult a medical professional, should symptoms of fever or acute respiratory infections appear.

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    Good news! Weiwuying is now partnering with the National Symphony Orchestra to expand our exciting network of arts and culture. You are invited to become NSO members to enjoy all the benefits of the membership. Join early to explore all the advantages.

    To find out more about the terms and conditions, please click here NSO members T&Cs Or visit the NSO's website

    We look forward to your subscription.

    Membership Terms of Service

    Last updated on January. 2024

    General Terms and Conditions

    • The National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) provides membership services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) pursuant to these general terms and conditions. By submitting this membership application or utilizing the Services, the applicant (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) is considered to have read, understood and consented to these general terms and conditions. The Center reserves the right to modify any of these general terms and conditions, and to announce these modifications on its official website without any additional notice to the member. It is suggested that the member regularly check the latest general terms and conditions. By continuing to use the services after modification(s) of these terms and conditions, the member confirms to have read, understood, and agreed to the modification(s). The member has the right to terminate utilization of Services in the event of disagreement with the modification(s).
    • The Center and member agree that any correspondence regarding the utilization of Services shall be made via print or electronic documents.
    • The Center establish membership mechanism in order to provide a complete service. We will collect, process and use of necessary personal information from the membership application. To protect this personal information, as well as the privacy and rights of the member, pursuant to Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act, The Center must inform the member of the following
      1. Purpose: The Center collects personal information for the Center and other units under the National Performing Arts Center to distribution promotional material, for development of contracts, agreement or relevant legal matters, ticket reservations and purchases, information services, consumer and customer service and management, research and analysis, online shopping and electronic commerce services, other business registered as scope of business or prescribed in the Articles of Incorporation.
      2. Category:
        C001 Personal Identifier: Name, address, phone number, email address, and occupation.
        C002 Financial Identifier: Credit card number, bank account information, etc.
        C003 Governmental Information Identifier: ID number, passport number,.
        C011 Personal Description: Date of Birth, sex, nationality;
        C036 Life style: The type of consumable products and services, and personal or family consumption model.
        C093 Financial transactions: Payment method, corresponding record.
        C102 Agreement or contract (such as trading, business, legal, or other contract ,etc.)
      3. Utilization period and territory: The Center may utilize relevant information from the date of collection and will stop when the member asks to terminate the Services or when the Center terminates rendering of Services. The Center will utilize information collected in Taiwan and in any country unless prohibited by the competent authority.
      4. Object and method: The member agrees to allow the collection, processing and use of any personal information deemed necessary by the Center. Personal information of the member will be utilized for the Center and the third-party appointed to handle business related matters (e.g. partner, logistics service provider) .
    • Rights of the member to personal information:
      The following rights may be exercised by the member with regard to his/her personal information:
      (1) Inquiry and request for review of personal information. (2) Request duplications of personal information (We will charge fees for copying). (3) Request to supplement or correct personal information. (4) Request to discontinue collection, processing, or use of personal information. (5) Request to delete personal information. If the member wish to exercise the above rights, the information can be found on the official website or contact the customer service of the Center (Tel: +886-7-262-6666; Email: service@npac-weiwuying.org) or take your valid ID to the service Center to apply in person.
    • The member acknowledges that he/she might not be able to complete the membership application process or utilize all of the Services rendered by the Center if any required personal information is not made available or if any information that is untrue, inaccurate to the Center.

    Obligations of the Member

    • Each member is to adhere to the following when utilizing the Services:
      1. Provide correct and current personal information as requested in the application form. Application can not be submitted in the name of a third party. The Center reserves the rights to terminate the Services for anyone violating the regulation.
      2. Maintain and update personal information to keep it true, current, and complete, for the most optimal Services. Members agree that the Center will continue to provide various services based on the original registration information if it’s not updated in time. Members should be borne by themselves if it doesn’t benefit as a result.
      3. The Center, at its discretion, has the right to terminate or suspend a portion of or all Services to the member if false information is provided or if required information is not made available, without prior notice to the member.

    Services Content and Promotional Information Distribution

    • The member agrees that, within the scope of the Services, the Center reserves the right to increase, modify, or terminate relevant content of Services pursuant to actual requirements of business without additional notice to the member.
    • The member agrees that the Center reserves the right to increase, modify, or terminate relevant activities pursuant to actual implementation status and agrees to provide notice to the member in a manner it deems reasonable.
    • The member agrees that the Center send information or promotional material by mail or email to the mailing address or email address provided in the membership application. The Center agrees to stop mailing or emailing such information or material after receiving proper notice from the member.

    Termination and Suspension of Services

    • The Center agrees to reasonably maintain the Services, and reserves the right to terminate and shall not be liable for making indemnity Services in the following instances:
      1. Electronic equipment requires maintenance or reconstruction.
      2. An emergency breakdown of relevant electronic equipment.
      3. Telecommunications services normally provided to the Center are not available.
      4. Force majeure or any other unforeseen matter or factor outside of the Center’s control.

    Membership Benefits

    • Those who present a valid membership card while purchasing tickets for programs organized by Weiwuying, official merchandise, or admission to other events shall receive membership discounts.
    • While purchasing tickets online, members with valid cards shall receive discounts upon entering their membership information. Only Weiwuying Unlimited members shall be eligible to receive one free ticket for each of any program organized by Weiwuying (excluding co-sponsored and co-organized programs as well as any other non-program events). The ticket must be booked 14 days before the date of the program and may only be used by the member. The seat assignment and ticket type shall be determined by Weiwuying and based on booking order.
    • The order forms for tickets for Weiwuying Unlimited members shall be issued at the latest on the day following the date (as designated on the official Weiwuying website) of the announcement of the program. An e-mail notification of seating assignment shall be provided at the latest on the day prior to the initiation of general ticket sales to a member who submits the ticket order form before the submission deadline (not applicable for ticket order forms submitted after the deadline). Once the notification is received, the member may claim the ticket with his/her card at the Service Center up to the day before the program. On the day of the program, the member may claim the ticket with his/her card at the performance hall ticket office one hour before the start of the program.
    • Weiwuying Unlimited members may purchase tickets on the online ticketing platform OPENTIX once general ticket sales have begun.
    • Rights of Paid Membership:
      1. Members are only valid for accessing exclusive events or special discounts on events organized by the Center. (excluding non-participating programs, official merchandise and activities. Subject to updates on our official site and on-site).
      2. There is no physical card for Weiwuying Unlimited e-CARD /Weiwuying Lifestyle e-CARD /Weiwuying Youth e-CARD from January1, 2024. Membership cards that were issued before December31, 2023 also feature the function of iPass card, please refer to iPass regulations on accounting, deducting, and depositing.
      3. Membership renewal
        1. Hero and Unlimited membership are exclusive and not available for renewal.
        2. Lifestyle members can enjoy a free renewal for a year with reward points. They can collect points during the valid membership period from spending on tickets for programs performed in the Center, in-store purchases, and in our online store. If unable to collect the required number of points, they may pay for membership renewal in person or online. We will inform you by email detailing your eligibility for free renewal 30 days before your membership expires. Once your payment has been processed, no refunds will be given.
        3. Youth members are automatically renewed each year for free (with no need to have your identity re-verified) until you are 24 years old. Accumulated reward points will be reset to zero upon the annual renewal or if your membership has been revoked. Once your Youth membership expires (on your 24 years old), it will be automatically renewed as a one-year Lifestyle membership if you have at least 1,000 reward points.
        4. Failure to complete renewal or new application before the valid period expires will result in cancellation of membership.
      4. Claiming tickets and receipts:
        1. You can receive discounts and collect points at the stores and restaurants in the Center on presentation of your membership card. In the event that you are not able to collect points for reasons such as applying for membership on the day, being unable to produce your membership card, or paying by mobile device, you can contact our customer service team in person within office hours or by email within 30 days (inclusive) of the transaction date.
        2. When purchasing program tickets on OPENTIX, a member must first create an OPENTIX account and add his/her Weiwuying membership card to the account in order to begin to accumulate reward points. For tickets to programs not organized by Weiwuying or tickets purchased through other ticketing systems or convenience stores, points from those purchases may be entered into the member’s membership account if the tickets were purchased during the period of validity of the current membership. The member may process the entry of these points in person at the Service Center during service hours or via e-mail.
      5. If the behavior or actions of a member threatens to damage the reputation of the Centre and/or violates membership terms and conditions, the Centre reserves the right to suspend membership until the matter is resolved. In serious cases membership may be terminated.
    • Updating Personal Profile
      1. Members may change or update their personal profile by logging in as a member on the Center’s official website or contact the customer service of the Center (Tel: +886-7-262-6666, Customer Service mail: service@npac-weiwuying.org). Members may also update their profile by visiting the Center’s customer service Center and presenting valid ID.
      2. If you wish to cancel your membership, you should contact our customer service desk in person with proof of ID for assistance.
    • Terminating Membership
      1. Membership is regarded as terminated when valid period expires; however, iPass function of the membership card will remain functional.
      2. If member wish to terminate membership prior to the end of membership period, please contact our customer service team in person for assistance. The annual membership fees are not refundable once the application has been successfully processed. We regret that you will not be able to receive membership benefits when membership ends, including but not limited to in-store purchases and tickets. You are also not entitled to claim points retroactively or request a replacement card.
      3. If member’s profile is fraudulently used by others or you have violated applicable laws, transaction security or the Membership Rules, the Center deems it necessary in order to protect the security of transaction, the Group, or a third party; the use of the member service will be terminated, and if necessary, the transaction will be refused, terminated or registration data will be deleted or removed. The Center will not liable for any damage that you may incur in connection with the Membership Service.
    • Other Notices:
      1. Membership application forms and other related documents submitted to the Center will not be returned. The Center reserves the right to accept or reject any membership application.
      2. The Center reserves the right to modify, terminate, or amend any membership benefit or discounts, as well as to activate and terminate memberships.
      3. The Center reserves the right to modify or revise its membership plan, and such modifications or revisions will be posted on its website.
    • Special Authorization
      1. For the supply of the service may from the website, goods and services (or gifts, etc.) may be necessary to supply through the delivery, logistics service provider. Member agrees and authorizes use of any personal information deemed necessary by the Center (e.g. recipient name, shipping address, phone number, etc.), Provided to delivery, goods or service providers to complete the supply, delivery and retrieval of the goods and services (or gifts, etc.).
      2. iPass Personal Information Terms and Notices:
        Members of the Center that were issued before December 31, 2023 also enjoys the services of iPass. To comply with regulations, when the Member applies for membership card, The Center shall provide iPass Corporation the Member’s personal information (name, ID No./Resident Certificate No., birthdate, nationality, telephone number, address, e-mail address), allowing iPass Corporation to collect, handle, and utilize within its business scope (electronic ticketing and payment). Adhering to Personal Information Protection Act, iPass Corporation has published all related notices on official website www.i-pass.com.tw. For any inquiries, please call service hotline +886-7-791-2000.