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Weiwuying Sunset Market Strip

Weiwuying Sunset Market Strip

What better place to sate your hunger for both food and spiritual enrichment than the outdoor market at Weiwuying? Here for a limited time only, mini theater plays, bel canto singers, and stunt performers will gather to entertain you. Feeling artsy? Looking for something experimental? Perhaps something local, or maybe with a bit of Japanese flavor? Whatever you crave, Weiwuying has you covered! Let's get outdoors and enjoy a relaxing yet magical afternoon together (while maintaining social distancing, of course!). 


  Weiwuying Sunset Market Strip  

Outdoor Theater Ground


10/2(Fri)- 10/4(Sun) 16:00-21:00

10/9(Fri)- 10/11(Sun) 16:00-21:00




   Special Performances   

Market Stage,Free Admission

Food is Not We Sell|HaoxHsiaoTroupe

Established by comedians, Oscar Huang and Kurt Hsiao, Hao Hsiao Troupe have been dedicating themselves to telling amusing stories and making creative plays. They never set limits on adopting controversial topics and methods of production and have created a number of comedies of high quality on stage and online. Huang and Hsiao, the core artists, turn their consistent stage training into an unique “Hao Hsiao Acting Style”, which often makes their performance seemingly improvisational and unpredictable but also accurate and powerful.


Full of VoicesThe Pure

The Pure is a male a cappella group from Southern Taiwan that combines professional singing with beatboxing. Long driven by a hidden passion for a cappella, the group was started by several choir members of National Pingtung Senior High School led by their instructor, Mrs. HUANG Chin-Lan. Today, the group consists of young men from all over the Kaohsiung-Pingtung region of Southern Taiwan who freely maneuver the world of music by utilizing a cappella to express the unlimited possibilities of the human voice. The group's musical repertoire spans jazz songs, rock and roll songs, and hymns, and also include original songs. They sing in Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, and other foreign languages, and greatly appreciate the value and cultural legacy of regional languages. The group is the winner of various major a cappella competitions and has been invited to give hundreds of performances both in Taiwan and abroad. The warm welcome from audiences is what pushes The Pure to pursue excellence. The group shall continue toward their goal of pursuing pure aesthetics and combining it with unbridled energetic creativity to bring audiences unforgettable performances.


Love Formosa and Blessings|TW-EGY Folk Troupe 


TW-EGY Folk Troupe was founded in 2018, a Taiwanese Egyptian culture and art team composed of Egyptian master Mohamed Mamdouh. To carry forward to spirit of tolerance and integration of people in Taiwan, the troupe keeps sincerity, kindness and beauty as the main mission of the troupe. The goal of the troupe is to combine, to innovate the traditional folk art of Taiwan and Middle East, and to convey to the world discovering the beauty of Taiwan.


Tsugaru Shamisen|Taiwan Hiroharakai

Taiwan Hiroharakai is a musical group founded in 2012 to promote the Japanese musical and cultural tradition of tsugaru shamisen in Taiwan. Tsugaru shamisen originated in Aomori Prefecture in northeastern Japan (Tsugaru was the old name for the region located in western Aomori). Tsugaru shamisen is known for its hard-striking and fast-paced playing style and is mostly used to play traditional Japanese folk music. However, in recent years, fusions between this musical genre and other musical styles and instruments have opened up a world of new performance possibilities. Hirohara Kai Taiwan is committed to introducing this lively and passionate musical genre to lovers of Japanese culture and has given performances to great acclaim in both Japan and Taiwan. The group also regularly participates in international competitions held in Japan and was crowned champion in the group category in the 2019 All-Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Competition in Kanagi. 


Shadow with Crepuscular rays| Suana Emuy Cilangasay 


Draw the crepuscular rays, and the earth will be rendered with colors, and shadows will reflect the outline, supporting everything, the rays and shadow, beautiful encounters. Suana, self-taught musician, he has won many awards during the journey of music, and still guards his mind that keep writing the earth. The songs of the land and the stories of the corners are all trembling between the notes, his lyrics of Amis language that such a picturesque mountain, and the melody sounds like the sea and water, he walks like a shadow, and respectfully guarding the crepuscular rays from the heavens and the earth. 


Let's get high|Kendamashi “Screw”

"With just one kendama, I can make the street teem with people!" Magical kendama tricks, amazing juggling techniques, and the humorous interaction with audience, Taiwanese Kendamashi “Screw” makes the Japanese traditional toy become a hype experience blowing everyone's mind.


Just Chill|Savulu & Laway

Savulu and Laway are two young men from Taitung who formed a deep musical bond with each other in high school with their guitars. The two prolific singer-songwriters have a lot of experience in musical competitions and performances and have honed a style unique to Savulu & Laway, making use of their special chemistry to deliver a rich musical experience to the audience's liking. Savulu & Laway shall continue to maintain their raw passion for music on the path of their musical career. The duo is the winner of the 32nd NCCU Golden Melody Award for Best Composition in the Musical Composition Category. They are also the champion of the 25th Yamaha Pure Acoustic Guitar Singer-Songwriter Band Competition in Taiwan and represented Taiwan in the Yamaha Asian Beat Grand Final Competition in Japan.


Flow Of Life |The Fire Walker- Hermes


The Fire Walker – Hermes

One who travels with fire

And one who steals the most beautiful fire to earth

Practices contemporary circus since 2013

Seeking ways to touch people's heart

A chance encounter with a butoh dancer who covered his whole body with mud led to the sudden realization that beauty is being true

One can always find oneself in the forest

Speak to the trees

Speak to oneself


MINAMI• Japanese Sound |Hana No Waon

“Hana No Waon” is a Japanese music ensemble based in Taiwan, composed of shakuhachi player Ying-Jung Liu and koto player Su-Ping Hsu. The name is given by Watanabe Haruko, the Great Teacher of Japanese Ikuta School. Hana means Flowers and Chinese, and Waon is an important concept in Japanese culture, meaning Harmony and Ensemble. Thus, Hana No Waon expresses the splendid duet like flowers, and besides Japanese music, they also perform Chinese music, making Hana No Waon a bi-musicality music ensemble.  


Karim-New Album Concert |Baobu Badulu

At the heart of Baobu Badulu's music are the pure tones of the acoustic guitar. In I Love Taiban, his first studio album released in 2013, Baobu used this sound to express his nostalgia and gratitude for his homeland. Over the years, he eventually became a city dweller, where he discovered an urban grandeur completely unlike the natural beauty of his hometown and incorporated it into this new album. A musical huntsman of the city, Baobu wields his guitar like a hunting rifle, capturing urban vignettes and transforming them into notes that dance and flit to the enthusiastic tempo and exquisite melody of his guitar performance, where music is his ultimate prey.  


Amazing Sand|Sand Artist Mario 

Mario Rafa Subeldia, born in 1986 in Lucena City, Philippines, immigrated to Hsinchu City to strive for a living in 2011. He created artworks and learned sand painting during his leisure time, while arranging activities, stage designs and fashion designs in his company. In 2015, as the first migrant worker that got the street artist's permit in Taipei City and Hsinchu. In 2017, as the first migrant worker that got the Freelance Artist work permit in Taiwan, he began his sand painting live shows around Taiwan and abroad, while engaging in nonprofit art programs with other Filipino migrant workers. 


Take a breath |Hernandez

Hernandez is a theater company founded in 2017 by a group of university graduates. The founding members of Hernandez delved into the topic of new immigrants in Taiwan for their graduation project, and they have continued to explore the topic in their theatrical work. In recent years, Hernandez has carried out community outreach to various ethnic groups, engaging with audiences through interactive improv performances. Through performance, Hernandez hopes to establish mutual understanding in society by sharing the life stories of the peoples of Taiwan.

2017 Performed the new immigrant-themed play Polu wika during the touring art exhibition Southeast Asian in Taiwan

2018 Performed the playback theater piece Breathe during the Let's Be Together Arts Festival organized by the We ART Together Foundation

2019 Performed Bahay with Root, Hernandez's largest theatrical piece since its founding Performed Breathe Theater and Breathe Theater—Tree Hollow Version in local communities Performed Breathe Theater during the Yunniang Art Festival organized by Yunniang Workshop


Hazy, Lazy, Blues|Wu Hao-en

The influence of blues music in WU Hao-En's musical works has been heard by listeners over the years. WU believed he may have fallen in love with blues music—its special scales, unique blues guitar playing technique, and distinctive singing—when he first heard it in the 1986 movie Crossroads. Having described his blues musical style as “light blues”. WU said that from his point of view, “I do not exist for the blues, as the blues exist only for the music itself.” Like a glass of cocktail, the blues naturally form the base of WU's musical style, which is mixed with different elements to create a large variety of music; like the sauce in a delicious dish, listeners can enjoy WU's light blues musical style even without knowing its main ingredients.


Fun Mural Painting|WANG Kuo-ren

Do you have children who love to paint? Are you an influencer who'd love to post on social media a photo of yourself in front of a mural you, yourself, painted? Artist WANG Guo-Ren and his team invite adults and children alike to pick up their paintbrushes and join them at the Sunset Market Strip's 11-meter-long graffiti wall to experience the joy of creating mural paintings together. 


10/9(Fri) 16:30-17:00 17:30-18:00

10/10(Sat) 16:30-17:00 17:30-18:00

10/11(Sun) 16:30-17:00 17:30-18:00 18:30-19:00

Outdoor Theater Ground

  Important notes  

1. As there is a limited number of spots available for each painting session, registration is only accepted on-site.

2. Please dress appropriately for the event, as color pigments may stain clothing.

3. Children under ten need to be accompanied by parents or guardians to participate in the event. Family participation is welcomed.

  Weiwuying Sunset Market Strip  



  Participating brands  


Campo Vegetarian 蔬食古巴三明治


Ciao Chiao table喬的義百種料理

ELYSE crème brûlée


Kyou Shoku 享食.甜點烘焙




Memo x 雞蛋仔


NUTTEA 堅果飲專売

ONE-R 章魚燒

Pepper Lunch Taiwan 胡椒廚房

R.E 手沖泰奶


Smokey Joe_s Express 冒煙的喬特色便當

Voilà Voilà 花啦花啦  法式手做點心

Yang酒計畫(ft. 花葵壽喜)






山壹旗魚食製所 YAMA ICHI 







妮妮的店Nini Bubble-手炒黑糖珍珠鮮奶


怎麼吃 How to eat

胖奇熱狗堡 Punch Hotdog


泰渴 Thai Tea


啊 鷄蛋糕


森晴甜坊Forêt ensoleillée



焼き焼き YAKI


頑固油飯 OneGu

臺虎精釀 Taihu Brewing

蜜箱 Bit Siunn


薄多義 BITE 2 GO




Delices de France 荻莉絲法國手工甜點

Wufu 五福軒




拾念 手作甜品





想不到mobile kitchen



  Market third party  

La Rue 文創設計






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