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Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence-CHOU Shu-yi

Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence-CHOU Shu-yi

Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence


CHOU Shu-yi

Born in 1983, Chou is a choreographer and dancer. His recent creations, in the forms of theatre, site-specific performance or dance video, question the value of life and reflect the status of an individual or a group in different social contexts, and create “a body vocabulary that belongs to Asia”. Chou continues to seek new methods of creation, and potentials of cross-disciplinary collaboration using different mediums. His work Break & Break! won the Taishin Performing Arts Award of the 17th Taishin Arts Award in 2019.


Weiwuying ONE Minute VR Stage - Film Your Own Dance

Weiwuying ONE Minute VR Stage - Film Your Own Dance is an app for creating dance videos. The idea of this project was born during the predicament of the pandemic in March 2020. At that time, many performances were canceling one after another; people could not go to theaters, and the human race was in deep fear of life. Because of this, we hope to bring people back to the theaters through dances and videos with the help of this app. Create offline and share online in the five scenes at National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), and show the world your strengths in the midst of adversity!


【2020 Taiwan Dance Platform】“Afterimage for Tomorrow” Special Edition for Weiwuying

A man wakes up in an unknown dimension of consciousness. What is it that he sees, hears and feels? Is it memory, virtual reality or terminal lucidity?

[Welcome to the “After life Memory Trust.” With us, you will be selecting three pieces of your memory to relive by the time you decease. When your life terminates, we will stimulate your neurons to bring out the designated memories. Each vision lasts a light time.]

We perceive the world through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. These sensory is stored as memory in words, pictures, sounds and moving images. With fractions of the transcribed memories, we are capable of returning to a specific point in time, which is an act of distortion and overlaying of time and space. However, memories aren’t always reliable. A man wakes up in an unknown dimension of consciousness. What is it that he sees, hears and feels? Is it memory, virtual reality or terminal lucidity?

In Persistence of Memory, director Singing CHEN collaborates with choreographer Shou-Yi CHOU to perform the ineffable in memories. This metafiction film sets in a futuristic world, where memories can be uploaded and perpetuated, thus leads to the discussion of what in life is worth storing. Persistence of Vision; when an object in rapid motion vanishes from sight, human brain creates a 0.1-0.4 seconds of optical illusion. How long will the images and memories we create today live in the future?

In 2020, for the first time, a special exhibition version of "Afterimage for Tomorrow " will be created in the building space of Kaohsiung Weiwuying. Extend the perspective of the VR image to the real current event, leading the audience to dive into the afterimage landscape before life passes.



2020/11/6 (Fri) 13:30(English only)、19:30

2020/11/7 (Sat) 13:30、19:30

2020/11/8 (Sun) 13:30


Weiwuying 3F Crown Hall


【2020 Taiwan Dance Platform】CHOU Shu-yi X Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company The Memory Overture of Strolling in the Park

Choreographers, dancers, and musicians wander through a forest sparkling with the reflected light of a crystalline lake in this dance exploration that is closely connected with the natural world. They take a stroll away from the theater and into a city park, using their bodies, movements, and music to guide the audience through memories, help them visualize the transformation that freed up a century-old parcel of military land, and listen to legends about life passed down through generations expressed through music and chants.

Site Specific Creation in Park Project is a joint collaboration between choreographer CHOU Shu-yi and the Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company. With the release of Body Map in the Tainan Park – 100 Days Strolling in 2019, modern dance became a fixture in local parks and the everyday lives of people. The act of recalling events from the past while observing the symbiotic relationship between dancers and trees allows people to feel the historical implications of the land beneath their feet and the infinite possibilities that are to be found in incorporating the natural environment into artistic creation.



2020/11/07 (Sat) 16:00

2020/11/08 (Sun) 16:00


Outdoor Theater & Weiwuying Metropolitan Park



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