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National Palace Museum’s New Media Exhibition Reaches Weiwuying

National Palace Museum’s New Media Exhibition Reaches Weiwuying

Beginning November 5, 2019 until January 30, 2020, visitors will be able to see selected national treasures from National Palace Museum in its innovative digital rendition in Reflections Along the River - NPM X WEIWUYING New Media Art Exhibition at National Kaoshiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying).


Reflections Along the River exhibition features NPM’s popular famous 11-meter-long scroll Up the River During Qingming in a large projected animation that spans more than 10 meters in width, depicting the daily lives and activities of all walks of life along the Bian River in the Qing era.


In Reflections Along the River - NPM X WEIWUYING New Media Art Exhibition, virtual reality (VR) experiences of Up the River During Qingming co-created with HTC will allow visitors to experience the most vibrant surroundings of Rainbow Bridge, vividly depicting its localities. The work was recently honored with a GLAMi Award from the Museums and the Web 2019 (MW19) conference hosted in Boston, USA.


Chien Wen-Pin, Artistic Director of Weiwuying enthuses NPM has in recent years dedicated to promote its extensive collections through digital enhancements. Weiwuying possesses many interesting spaces. Through this collaboration with NPM, Weiwuying invites a new style of art form. Up the River During Qingming depicts the lives and activities of all walks of life, which is completely in sync with Weiwuying’s mission of being a center for all. Visitors come to Weiwuying for performances, gourmet foods, leisure activities and now for art exhibitions, further placing Weiwuying at the heart of everyone’s daily life.


The Qing era remake of the painted scroll, Up the River During Qingming, housed in the collections of the NPM, reminiscent of Kaohsiung’s lifestyle along the river, including performance arts such as traditional theatre and juggling as well. Local art groups and artists from Kaohsiung have been specifically invited to conduct flash performances of storytelling, Taiwanese opera, and dance, to create a thriving scene such as that on the banks of the Bian River, and enable viewers to experience a completely new style of art appreciation.


Exhibition Dates: November 5, 2019 to January 30, 2020
Place: 3F Art Gallery, National Kaohsiung Center of the Arts (Weiwuying)
Open daily from 11am to 5pm.
VR experiences will be closed during Concert Hall performances.




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