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Sold-out musical Farewell Beitou to add 1 show at Weiwuying Ticket sales launch midday September 6

Sold-out musical Farewell Beitou to add 1 show at Weiwuying Ticket sales launch midday September 6

Greenray Theatre Company’s acclaimed musical Farewell Beitou played to sold-out shows in 2018 accumulating more than 250,000 audiences in its first run. Since this July, Farewell Beitou PLUS, the second run of 22 performances in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung had seen audiences snap up tickets within days.


Due to popular demand for the show, Greenray Theatre Company and Weiwuying jointly announced an additional show on Sunday evening October 20. Tickets for the additional show will go on sale midday September 6.


Musical Farewell Beitou is written by acclaimed director and dubbed the best storyteller in Taiwan, WU Nien-Jen and performed mostly in Holo, or commonly known as Taiwanese. The show has gripped the hearts of cross-generation audiences since its premiere in 2018. Its story laid in the everyday happenings and struggles of the little people set in the 1960s Beitou, northern part of Taipei city, which at the time was best known for men’s clubs. The music and drama swept audiences in emotional strides, sniffles are often heard in the dark, and certainly left not a dry eye in the house when curtains came down.


The 2019 run of Farewell Beitou PLUS is still given the star-studded cast as 2018, with playwright WU Nien-Jen, award-winning songwriter CHEN Ming-Chang, top caliber entertainment/theater performers KO I-Chen, Golden Melody awardee Lotus Wang, Golden Horse awardee Bamboo CHEN, singer/songwriter Sam Yang of Fire EX and more. This year, Farewell Beitou PLUS brings tastes of new musical arrangements, grander sets and costumery for old and new audiences for a nostalgic yet refreshing experience.

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