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Wei Wu Ying Circus Platform Kick Starts This Week Visitors Young And Old Are All Welcome To Join This Wonderous Adventure Full Of Thrill And Laughter

Wei Wu Ying Circus Platform Kick Starts This Week Visitors Young And Old Are All Welcome To Join This Wonderous Adventure Full Of Thrill And Laughter

The long-awaited Circus Platform is finally here again! For the 3rd Circus Platform, Wei Wu Ying Opening Season proudly presents 6 breath-taking shows from the 14th to the 18th at the stunning new arts center. Three Taiwanese troupes and performers from France and Spain are about to dazzle you with their incredibly awesome performances. For those who are ready for more, 7 groups of talented circus performers will also be showcasing their dexterity and creativity at the north square of Wei Wu Ying. From Paint Shop to Bayan Plaza, from indoors to outdoors, the performers on the move are about to open your eyes and lead you on a journey full of surprise, sensation and wide-eyed fun!

The platform received great review ever since its first show in 2016. Many people came to Wei Wu Ying with their friends and family for the performances. This year, the Circus Platform plans to amuse and amaze audiences with yet another excellent programme filled with outdoor performances, improv circus and body theatre. Since the word circus originally came from the word circle, there is no running from the infinite circle of fun at Wei Wu Ying this season!


L’Enfant Sauvage Physical Theatre is the first to greet the audience with their spectacular Granny Grandpa A Go-Go. What drama or diverting fun will our silver haired tourists find along the way? The grandpas and grannies will interact with the audiences on site, inspiring tears and laughter as they go. On the same day, Multi-X Physical Comedy Cabaret will also present a brand-new form of comedy --Laughter. The Best Medicine. This hilarious mime incorporates various physical comedy pieces, mocking the absurdity in life with boisterous laughter.


Cie Circoncentrique, the contemporary circus troupe from France sees body as a venue for all sorts of physical maneuvers and body movements. With tangible objects, performers explore the limits of the body in Respire and invite the audience into a captivating French circus fantasy. In Big Head Play Play Play, performers wear whole head masks which are rarely seen in Taiwan. Without the help of expressions or words, the audiences set out to discover the adorable nature of people on this island through selected scenes.



Street Show Time features the acts of 7 groups of circus talents here at Wei Wu Ying. Audiences get to see first rate yoyo and diabolo tricks, stunning drum performances, and balloon arts. Hung Tung's Fantasy brought on by Thunar Circus plays with puppets, shadow and light, Taiwanese opera, and electronic music as they bring the artist’s painting to live. In Idées, Les Mauvaises puts on a circus fashion show in a recycling yard, blurring the line between useful objects and useless trash. Möbius is the creation of Miguel Gigosos. The Spanish circus artist uses ordinary circus props and smooth physical movements to demonstrate absurdity in a poetic way, allowing the audiences to take a walk through the mysterious labyrinth created by their imagination. For more detail, please visit our website and look under Programs.







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