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Autumn River Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Open Rehearsal


From October 11 to 13, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and TAO Dance Theater will present together at the playhouse of Weiwuying three dance pieces created respectively by LIN Hwai-min, TAO Ye and CHENG Tsung-lung. Weiwuying’s Open House day will offer lucky audiences a first look into the rehearsal of LIN’s No. 89 dance work, Autumn River

Inspired by the autumn streams he saw in Kyoto, LIN Hwai-min creates Autumn River for 5 senior Cloud Gate dancers to re-present the tranquility brought forth by the crystal clean water and floating red leaves, and to bid farewell upon his retirement at the end of this year.



●Tickets will be available from October 3rd to 9th at Weiwuying 3F Information Desk daily from 11am to 9pm.
●Duration is 20 mins.
●Latecomers must follow staff instructions for entry and re-entry.



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