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Lost Card & Reissue

Lost Card & Reissue

Report the lost membership card to the online website and then bring your personal identification documentation to the service center to be issued a new card with a NT$150 fee per card. Lost or reissued cards cannot be cancelled after being processed.


* Bank account for iPASS remaining balance refund (Taiwanese bank account only, a NT$20 service fee will be deducted from the remaining balance)

* Cash refund. Please visit the iPASS Kaohsiung service center at B1, No 220, Bo-ai 1st Rd., Sanming Dist., Kaohsiung City (inside Houyi Station of Kaohsiung MRT). Business hours: Tue-Sat, 12:00~20:00; Sun-Mon: Closed. iPASS customer hotline (07)791-2000

* Lost cards cannot be canceled after reported, and the card holder will be responsible for transactions charged to the card within 3 hours of the card being reported as lost.


Defective Card

Please bring your defective membership card and personal identification documentation to the service to issue you a new card. If the defective card has no visible damages, return it and a new card is issued to you free of charge. If the card is physically damaged, a new replacement can be issued to you for NT$150 to cover the labor and cost. Lost or reissued cards cannot be cancelled after being processed.


*The service center is not yet open to the public. Please contact customer service (07)262-6666 or service@npac-weiwuying.org for more information.



Your support keeps Weiwuying going! Lifestyle and Youth members are eligible for a free membership renewal with 12 (and above) Weiwuying program tickets or Weiwuying in-store purchases per year.


* To check the membership expiration date, login from the Members Page or call the customer hotline.

* New cards will not be issued for renewed memberships to help save the environment.

* To renew your Youth Card, please submit a copy of your proof as a student either online or in person before the membership expires.


Member Personal Information

Update info: Please login to the members page to update your personal information. You may also contact the service center during office hours by e-mail or phone.

Forgot password: If you cannot remember your password, request to change your password online from the members page or visit the service center with your personal identification documentation.