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Weiwuying TIFA Contemporary Music Platform-A Dialogue between Classic and Contemporary Music that Encourages the Development of Current Music Trends

Weiwuying TIFA Contemporary Music Platform-A Dialogue between Classic and Contemporary Music that Encourages the Development of Current Music Trends

This year, Weiwuying is introducing Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA). Centered around music, the TIFA Contemporary Music Platform explores the past, narrate the presents, and explore the future, starting this April. The platform hopes to connect the artist, performer, and audience through experiments and practices through performances, music colleges, workshops, and international connections, maximizing the potential of the national performance venue and promoting contemporary works to create an ongoing, sustainable environment for the music of Taiwan. The three programs of this year are brought forth by teams and musicians from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Germany.


Stereoscope, staged on the 20th and 21st of April, is a music-theatre-installation brought forth by Ensemble KNM Berlin. The internationally-renowned Ensemble KNM Berlin was established in 1988 and has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, the Konzerthaus in Vienna, Suntory Hall in Tokyo, and was awarded the prestige “German Records Critic Award” twice. Ana Maria Rodriguez, the artist behind the music and live-electronics, was a participant of the artificial intelligence project of Fraunhofer, the largest research institute for applied science in Europe, and is an expert in composing music by integrating advanced technology in piano and composing. Stage designer Fred Pommerehn was the designer for various famous international performances. One of Pommerehn's most notable works is using the 23 paper trees displayed in front of Konzerthaus in Berlin as a method of assisting the 2011 International Year of Forest by World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This collaboration between world-class masters will undoubtedly create a Utopia for music.


Scheduled to be showcased at the Recital Hall in the same week is The Modern-day Flavours of Nanyin and Naamyam, a co-production of electronic musician Li Chin Sung (Dickson Dee) and Nanyin artist Cai Yayi. Li Chin Sung has worked in the music industry for over 20 years and is a distinguished figure in the Chinese independent music scene. Li's works spread across a wide range of styles that cover electronic music, sound collage, and dance music; his work was listed among the 20 most important albums of the year by avant-garde music magazine The Wire. Li was also the producer of experimental documentary San Yuan Li, the music for Thomas Mao, directed by Zhu Wen, and has participated in major international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale. Cai Yayi is a representing figure of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Nanyin. Having studied Nanyin from various artists since childhood, Cai was awarded first prize in folk solo at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in Wales, UK, and has performed at countless occasions in Europe, the US, and Japan. This integration between traditional Nanyin music and impromptu electronic music will bring a refreshing dialogue between traditional and modern music.


The Sound of Bloom's Epoch is a joint performance by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and Germany-based Taiwanese composer Lin Liao. Hong Kong New Music Ensemble is hailed “one of Hong Kong's most progressive groups of musicians” by US's Cable News Network (CNN) and is a representing local contemporary music group that has performed several works by renowned contemporary musicians and staged various premieres for composers both domestic and abroad. Lin Liao is a conductor active on both the European stage of classical and contemporary music. Liao has collaborated with Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, leading German music group Ensemble Modern, and has performed at the Lucerne Festival and Holland Festival. This night of performances features representing works by young composers, echoed by the early work by acclaimed composer George Benjamin.



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