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National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts


The Playhouse is a space mainly used for various drama and dance performances. The stage can be configured into proscenium or thrust stage. The thrust stage design shortens the distance between the audience and performers, so that the audience can perceive the emotions of the performers at close proximity; the design facilitates interaction between the audience and performers, allowing the audience to feel the dramatic tensions. The proscenium stage with the orchestra pit elevator has a capacity of 1,231 seats; when configured into thrust stage that stretches into the seating area, the Playhouse can accommodate 1,067 seats.


The Playhouse is a theatrical space with computer-aided operation. Just like the Opera House, the overall design is carried out by a Dutch theater consulting firm, and detailed construction, manufacturing and installation are carried out by Austrian firm Waagner-Biro. In front of the stage are eight elevating platforms and removable seats, enabling the stage to be configured into thrust stage, seating area, or an area that is partially seating area and partially orchestra pit. The area to the right of the thrust stage features another three elevating platforms, which, other than being used as normal seating area, they can also be converted into performing area for musicians when the stage stretches into the seating area, in order to preserve the unique feature of intimacy between musicians and performers in traditional plays.

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